Category Payment Info
(A) Individual Membership  $20 per year
(B) Family Membership*
  ( *Children under 17 and dependent parents included)
 $40 per year
(C) Individual Life Membership  $400
(D) Couple Life Membership*
  ( *Children under 17 and dependent parents included)
  • You can become a member in person at any program venue. Membership is normally renewed during the Diwali function.
  • Note: Irrespective of when you become a member, your membership is valid till the Diwali function of that year.
  • For those who can not become a member in person:

  1. Please choose one Category.
  2. Fill in the following information:
    • Name, Other Members Names
      • e.g. Member Type A - Your Name
      • e.g.Member Type B - Your Name and Spouse's Name any dependent name(s)
    • For all memberships Address, Email
  3. Email this information to
  4. Make checks payable to "NEOMM" or "North East Ohio Marathi Mandal "
  5. Mail the check for the applicable amount to
    Mrs. Sunanda Kulkarni
    32742 N. Roundhead Drive Solon, OH 44139

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NEOMM Constitution

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